Cocoa-farming families in the Nestlé Cocoa Plan


Of Nestlé cocoa sourced through Nestlé Cocoa Plan


Tonnes of cocoa sourced in 2021

When we invest in the source of our cocoa beans...we can make quality chocolate the world loves. 

Growing Better Beans

Great tasting chocolate comes from quality beans. From bean to bar, we believe in producing a product that benefits everyone.

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Managing the Supply Chain

We're transforming the supply chain from one which has no traceability and layers of middlemen to one which is shorter and transparent.

This typically involves working with farmer cooperatives who group farmers together and provide traceability and records for all their purchases from each farmer member. Our direct tier 1 suppliers such as Cargill or Cocoanect manage the commercial relationship with the cooperatives and the certification, while we contribute some aspects of the Nestlé Cocoa Plan directly with our own people and fund other aspects through the tier 1 supplier. We aim to develop long term relationships with the cooperatives, and several have been working with us over 8 years.

We also have the ambition to achieve full traceability and segregation of all cocoa products from origin to factory. This new effort will help transform our supply chain and the broader industry.

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Forest Positive Cocoa

Forest Positive means moving beyond just managing deforestation risks in our supply chain to target a positive impact on our broader sourcing landscapes. Addressing deforestation risks in cocoa supply chains is complex and requires a concerted approach. That’s why we joined the Cocoa & Forests Initiative (CFI) when it launched in 2017.

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