Training in better agricultural practices is core to helping farmers improve their income. Typically this is done in field schools, which are literally held in cocoa fields and are hands-on and practical based ways to learn how to farm better. However after a few years they can get repetitive and so to re-energise the learning process we’ve introduced video training. 


Villages have limited electricity and few homes have televisions, so the videos have the advantage of being entertaining as well as educational. Battery run projectors are now relatively low cost making this technology accessible. The person in charge of the training - the lead farmer – narrates and explain what is happening by pausing the video at key moments.


We are trying this in various regions, with one supplier in particular having run eight sessions with good feedback from the farmers. On average 40 people participated in each session, but in some villages as many as 100 attended, and of these participants, 20% were women. 


The cooperatives also took the opportunity to show other videos produced by UNICEF on topics such as violence against women and the importance of good hand hygiene. 



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