Ecuador is renowned throughout the world for producing a special fine cocoa called Arriba, which is aromatic and floral with a beautifully balanced chocolate flavour. Nestlé has a large local factory in Ecuador, which processes beans and produces cocoa products for export, and chocolate and beverages for the local market.


Under the Nestlé Cocoa Plan initiative, we are working with over 3000 farmers, conducting farmer training in Good Agricultural Practices, and organising Nutrition and Health information workshops.


This year, our work in Ecuador continues with the development of pruning and grafting schools in six provinces (Esmeraldas, Santo Domingo, Manabí, Los Ríos, Cañar, and Guayas). 


The schools train farmers for a period of six months, where they can learn about the importance of pruning and grafting, how to use and maintain pruning and grafting tools, and developments in machinery and supplies for cocoa pruning. 


This year’s initiative will be attended by 300 farmers, who will graduate in December this year.


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