KITKAT® Nestlé’s First Sustainably Sourced Chocolate Global Brand

Take a break for good

The perfect balance of chocolate, praline and crispy wafer, there's a reason KITKAT® is enjoyed in more than 80 countries. The iconic brand is an international symbol for hitting the pause button on life to enjoy a well-earned break.

But if breaks are good for people, why can’t they be good for the world too?

Cocoa farming communities are at the heart of making those chocolate breaks possible. That’s why ensuring that the livelihoods and environments of cocoa-farming communities thrive is critical for the future of chocolate.

In 2016, KITKAT® became our first global confectionery brand at Nestlé to source all its cocoa from the Rainforest Alliance-certified Nestlé Cocoa Plan. We follow a mass balance approach, meaning that the total quantity of cocoa purchased from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms is equivalent to the total amount used in manufacturing your KITKAT®

We now source all our certified cocoa from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms to support our commitment to tackling social and environmental issues and creating a more sustainable cocoa supply chain.