School kits distributed in 2021


Children received support to date


Village Savings & Loan Associations established

When women and children have access to education...cocoa communities have brighter futures.

Access to Quality Education

Education is critical to helping a child achieve his or her potential, providing an alternative to working in the field and broadening opportunities for the future.

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Tackling Child Labor Risks

Cocoa-farming communities face immense challenges, including widespread rural poverty, increasing climate risks and a lack of access to financial services and basic infrastructure like water, health care and education. These complex factors contribute to the risk of child labor on family farms.

In January 2022, Nestlé launched a plan to build on its longstanding efforts to tackle child labor risks in cocoa production. At its center is an innovative income accelerator program, which aims to improve the livelihoods of cocoa-farming families and incentivize enrollment of children in school.

The success of the program will be monitored with the help of KIT Royal Tropical Institute and the continuation of our Child Labor Monitoring and Remediation System in collaboration with the International Cocoa Initiative.

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Empowering Women

When women can read, communities benefit. Maternal literacy is a key factor in improving nutrition, reducing child mortality, and reducing the risk of child labour.

The Nestlé Cocoa Plan offers popular literacy schemes for mothers in the communities where we operate.

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Community Development

It’s important to involve communities as a whole to help the prevention of child labour. In the Nestlé Cocoa Plan we work with International Cocoa Initiative (ICI) to help communities produce a Community Action Plan and see through the actions using resources from Nestlé, government and the community.

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