My name is Samuel. I am 32 years old and I have worked in the cocoa sector for over four years. For the last two years, I have been a Field Officer for the Nestlé Cocoa Plan overseeing a total of 464 farmers across 18 communities in the Nsokote Cocoa District of the Ashanti region in Ghana.


I offer training and coaching to the cocoa farmers under my supervision. The support I provide is aimed at promoting sustainable cocoa production under the three pillars of the Nestlé Cocoa Plan - better farming, better lives, and better cocoa.


Mapping the cocoa farms under my supervision has enabled farmers to know the exact size of their cocoa farms, reducing confusion on land boundaries.


Another important activity I have been involved in is the rehabilitation of old cocoa farms – this is done through the distribution of high-tech cocoa seedlings to farmers in need. In the last year, more than 45 hectares of cocoa farm land has been rehabilitated.


With the effects of climate change, farmers are experiencing extended dry periods, as well as reduced and irregular rainfall. Planting shade trees is especially important, as they not only reduce harsh sunshine on cocoa trees, but also keep the soil in cocoa farms rich and moist. As part of the Nestlé Cocoa Plan, I offer training on smart farming techniques and distribute shade tree seedlings to cocoa farmers to help them reduce the effects of climate change on their farm land.


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