Additional Income
Additional Income
Additional Income

Increasing income sources beyond cocoa is one of the ways the Nestlé Cocoa Plan (NCP) aims to improve the livelihoods of farmers.


So far, the program has provided the necessary support to 174 cocoa farmers, including 41 women – getting them started in vegetable production (chili and cabbage) and animal rearing to supplement their income. 


Working alongside implementing partners Beyond Beans and Ecom, Nestlé Cocoa Plan has created a link to markets that gives farmers the opportunity to sell their products at competitive prices. The success of this intervention has inspired more farmers to get involved and pursue ideas that will provide additional income.


Nestlé Cocoa Plan supports farmers primarily by training them on good agronomic practices, including demonstration and practical activities, such as pruning. NCP provides free pruning services to 701 farmers, including 182 women, covering 280 hectares of cocoa farms. This impact-based approach has been widely adopted by farmers, improving both agricultural practices and cocoa yields.


Benefits of protecting the cocoa trees from the vulgeries of the weather by planting shade trees is a known and an embraced concept in cocoa cultivation. Consequently,16,326 farmers including 4,131 have benefited from 310,531 shade trees that have been planted on a total of 15,526 ha of cocoa farm area.


17,353 farmers (4850 women) have received 2,579,912 high tech cocoa seedlings for either replacement or rehabilitation.


By these acts of improving condition of the farm, farmers including women are supported to earn more so they can control where to further invest their incomes.



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