KIT KAT® has factories across the globe, producing a staggering 17.6 billion fingers annually. In the UK alone more than one billion KIT KAT® products are eaten every year. 
In 2016, KIT KAT® became the first global confectionery brand sourced from 100% certified sustainable cocoa, all of which is supplied through the Nestlé Cocoa Plan.
Upon the announcement, the Managing Director of Nestlé Confectionery in the UK, said: 
“We know that consumers want to know that the brands that they love behave responsibly. That's why Nestlé launched the global Cocoa Plan in 2009 which led to the introduction of Fairtrade certified four-finger KIT KAT®, a significant moment in the brand’s history. The Cocoa Plan is Nestlé’s way of supporting cocoa farmers, their families and communities to secure a better future. Our vision is to help cocoa farmers run profitable farms, respect the environment, have a good quality of life and for their children to benefit from an education and see cocoa farming as a respectable profession.”
Some top facts about KIT KAT®


  1. More than 1 billion KIT KAT® products are eaten in the UK every year – the equivalent of 564 fingers every second! 
  2. 17.6 billion KIT KAT® fingers are eaten across the world every year. 
  3. Japan produces over 40 different flavours of KIT KAT®, including Wasabi, Strawberry Cheesecake, Lemon Vinegar and even Cucumber! 
  4. The Chinese version of KIT KAT® is sold in a plastic bag due to the humid weather in the region. 

    5.    Every five minutes enough KIT KAT®s are manufactured worldwide to overshadow the Eiffel Tower, while a year’s GLOBAL production would stretch around the London Underground more than 350 times. KIT KAT® is now produced in 14 countries: UK, Egypt, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Algeria, South Africa, Germany, Japan, China, Malaysia, India, Turkey, Venezuela, Spain, Mexico and Bulgaria.


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