At After Eight we know that to make great chocolate, you need great cocoa. But life can be challenging where cocoa is grown so that is why the Nestlé Cocoa Plan is so important to us. The Nestlé Cocoa Plan was established in 2009 to help improve the lives of farmers in our cocoa supply chain. It has three main areas of focus:



Better farming 

We bring farmers together to improve their agricultural practices and provide training to help increase their cocoa yield and thus raise their incomes. Whilst training is important, we also look after the environment with the objective to prevent deforestation and promote agroforestry


Better lives 

We support better lives for families through our focus on gender empowerment and eliminating child labour, with particular emphasis on improving access to education


Better cocoa 

We build long term relationships with farmers and farmer groups to ensure good quality cocoa, and work on traceability. 



As part of the Nestlé Cocoa Plan, we have supported over 45 000 children in education and trained over 100 000 cocoa farmers to help improve their lives. The cocoa we use to create our deliciously minty chocolate thins is sustainably sourced, provided to us through the Nestlé Cocoa Plan and independently certified by the Rainforest Alliance, which stands for rigorous standards on sustainable agriculture and responsible business practices.


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