Although women make up a half of the population, they have limited influence on cash revenues, and are rarely involved in decision-making, training or programs. Women face a lack of working capital, which is necessary to make investments and buy tools and inputs. Since women have limited access to pre-finance and loans, they have fewer opportunities to grow their yields and, ultimately their business. We helped women’s coop Koado-Due set up a chicken rearing business to complement its cocoa activities. 


Interview with Helene Gueu

Manager Chicken Farm KOADO-DUE cooperative


What is your role at KOADO-DUE cooperative?

“I am the Vice-President of the cooperative since 2014, and I am responsible for the chicken farm.“

The chicken farm was rebuilt in 2018 after it was destroyed during the unrest in 2010/2011. How did this year go?

“We were very happy when the farm was finally rehabilitated in early 2018. We started raising 300 chickens, but not all of them survived due to a disease that spread quickly. With help from an experienced technician we learned procedures to prevent infections. The following two rounds went very well and we raised 200 and then 300 chickens. The fourth round which finished just before Christmas (a time when chicken is in especially high demand) we raised 500 chickens. “

What are your plans for 2019?

“We wish to continue our activities on the farm and if possible increase the capacity. It would be especially great if we could have a second barn and accommodate at least 1,000 chickens.”



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