Nestle Cocoa

Our Partners

Wherever possible we work with farmer organisations such as co-operatives, as we believe these are beneficial to farmers giving them the scale to market their cocoa collectively. We believe that to build on this framework, we use the expertise of, or partner with, other organisations.

These partners can be non-governmental organisations (NGOs), government organisations or private companies depending on the local circumstances. We have partners in the areas of child labour sensitisation, water and sanitation, farmer training, trees and certification, Certification is a good way to reward farmers and their organisations for producing sustainable cocoa. But it also gives consumers added assurance that the cocoa was produced under proper conditions. There are various certification systems under way to recognise cocoa farmers who are operating in accordance with higher quality standards, giving these farms and farmer organisations a form of official certification as well as better prices for their cocoa. UTZ Certified and Fairtrade are two such examples.

We engage with the rest of the industry through the World Cocoa Foundation, particularly through the strategy known as ‘CocoaAction’.