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13 AUG 2013

Nestlé community liaison person Kouadio Kouassi demostrates community awareness raisining in his village Djahakro After publishing our action plan in response to the FLA report in June 2012 , we are pleased to give an update on progress:

  • Recommendation 1: Our supplier code is undergoing complete consulation and revision this year.
  • R2: We completed an illustrated supplier code, and distributed to over 25,000 farmers
  • R2: The Nestlé Farmer training manual has been completed and we are in the process of distributing 2000 copies
  • R3 and 8: We have set up our HQ steering committee (to set strategic direction) and local Nestlé Cocoa Plan committee (for co-ordination with local partners)
  • R4 :Engagement from suppliers and Certifiers: Suppliers committed to monitoring and reporting child labour, and have reported visiting 1200 farms so far. UTZ Certified and Fairtrade are participating in the child labour monitoring and remediation pilots (see R6).
  • R4: Completed 2 day child labour training of 90 supplier and Nestlé personnel
  • R4: We held the Abidjan stakeholder convening in November 2012. KPIs were discussed during the convening and later agreed with ICI (R6)
  • R4: Certification and Smeta reports collected and available internally.
  • R5: We have had a visible Nestlé presence at many premium ceremonies.
  • R6: Child labour monitoring and remediation: We engaged International Cocoa Initiative (ICI) to set this up, who have developed systems, training material, and questionnaires for use in the field. We have kicked off pilots in two coops (UTZ) : Coop Child Labour Agents (CLA) have been employed, community liaison people (CLP) have been selected and trained. Communities have been involved throughout and CLPs have begun community child labour awareness sessions. The roll out has begun to the next two coops, which are Fairtrade certified. In total we have over 81 CLPs mapping over 150 villages and communities. We will publish results with our next update.
  • R6: Grievance mechanism (3rd party call line) set up, phone number is on illustrated supplier code
  • R7: Syngenta project (safe supply of authorised crop protection products to farmers to help improve yields) begun in 11 coops
  • R9: FLA has begun research into the standard (non traceable) supply chain. We have not proceeded with certifying middlemen, due to concerns about traceability and are discussing with UTZ about how this can be tightened up.
  • R10: The community liaison people will conduct child labour awareness sessions in the community
  • R10: We constructed/renovated 12 schools in Cote d'Ivoire (ten schools with WCF and two with other partners). Six have been completed so far in 2013, five more in construction. Of the 2012 schools, 400 pupils were not in school before.
  • R11: this is a longrer term recomendation and will be considered when creating remediation as part of the system in R6.

Next steps

FLA will be back in the field during the next crop, conducting what they term 'Independent External Monitoring' on several of the coops supplying us. This will help us refine our child labour monitoring and remediation system.   In the meantime we'll continue to roll out this system to a total of eight coops this year with the aim of covering all coops by 2016. We'll continue to expand the scope of the Nestlé Cocoa Plan, taking increasing account of gender issues and covering  a larger proportion of our cocoa supply with the aim of 100,000 tonnes by 2015.